With a little help from my friends...

I want to say a big THANK YOU and recognize all my Kickstarter friends – you have quite literally made this new album possible. 

The pleasure I take in releasing We Shall Stay Here is amplified by the knowledge of your support. 

I look forward to the day when I can sing these songs to you face-to-face. 

As a healthy alternative, please join me at my second virtual CD release concert on March 27 at 7:30 pm. Admission is free. The Zoom concert audience will be limited to the first 100 registrants. Register HERE. The event may also be viewed on YouTube HERE.

At the concert I will sing the entire album (plus one bonus song) and provide lively commentary on the songs.

I’m so grateful to all my Kickstarter supporters –

Alan Harchik 
Amanda Dobbyn 
Amy Conley 
Amy Hobish 
Amy Lajiness 
Andrew Shapiro 
Anne Louise White 
Annette Pfannebecker 
Annie Tvetenstrand 
Barbara Burkart 
Bob Gramann 
Bob Leigh 
Bob Lusk 
Bobbie Wayne 
Brian Rose 
Brittany Kaplan 
Brook Packard 
Castle Sinicrope 
Christine Lavin 
Cliff McCarthy 
Colleen Kattau 
Dan Kaplan 
David E. Ross 
David Tarlo 
David Thanhauser 
Debbi Klopman 

Don Carew  
Ellen Schwartz  
Fay Borgatti  
Gail Gramarossa  
Janet Stecher  
Janice Lindsay  
Jeff Bernstein  
Jeff Blaustein  
Jock Crothers  
Joe Offer  
John & Wendy Sinton  
Jon Ross  
Jonah Allaben  
Joshua Wolfsun  
Joy Kaubin  
Judy & Charlie Atwood  
Karen Jean Brooks  
Karl Moore  
Katherine Rhoda  
Kathryn Brickell  
Liam Bevan  
Lisa Gutkin  
Lisa Roth & Pete Hester  
Lydia Vernon-Jones  
Marci Yoss  
Maren Cooke  

Mike Glick   
Mike Tobias   
Norman Ross   
Pat Bianculli   
Pat Lamanna   
Patricia Appelbaum   
Patrick Flaherty   
Paul Fisette   
Paul Hamel   
Peter Janovsky   
Premal Malhotra   
Raun Burnham   
Rebecca Pomerantz   
Rebecca Walters   
Richard Weinberg   
Robin Greenstein   
Sally Dillon   
Sally Rogers   
Siena Kaplan   
Stephanie Kaplan   
Sue Dunbar   
Tim Jennings   
Victoria Dowling   
Weslea Sidon   
Will Fudeman

And how I know you.  

Met Through — Number of donors 

Broadside Magazine — 1  
Children’s Music Network — 2  
Was my child’s music teacher — 1  
Is my child’s friend — 3  
Current teaching job — 3  
Eagle Tavern gig (1978-82) — 1  
Elementary  school — 1  
Fast Folk New York 1980s — 5  
Was my former guitar student — 5  
Former teaching job — 1  
Gig together — 2  
Guitar Workshop teaching — 10  
High school — 1  
Hudson River Sloop Singers — 2  
Leverett Community Chorus — 3  
Local activism — 1  
Singing-together — 2  
Mannes College (1969-71) — 1  
Being a current neighbor — 6  
NE Regional Folk Alliance — 1  
Being a next-door-neighbor 1957-64 — 1  
Over-50 Baseball League — 1  
Over-30 Baseball League — 3  
People’s Music Network — 12  
Being related — 4  
Working on Rise Again — 1