Paul Kaplan – vocals, guitar, harmonica, cuatro (1,11)  
Robin Greenstein – vocals (1, 6), banjo (3, 6, 12) guitar (1), percussion (5)  
Rob Lanter – 2nd guitar (5)  
Billy McComiskey – button accordion (6)  
Jordan Kaplan – piano (7)  
Andy Polon – 2nd guitar (10)  
Mark Dann – bass  
Claude Demers – percussion (5)  

Life on This Planet  

My darling please come to me  
Let me tell you where we are  
Stranded on a desert  
And I thank my lucky stars there is  

Life on this planet  
I know we can see it  
I know we can live it every day.  

Oh won’t you be my lover  
We can ride the world around  
And dance all day together  
Surrounded by the sound of  


We can find an oasis  
In the middle of the wind  
And blow our babies kisses  
As they join us in the swim of  


And when our children leave us  
And our water all is gone  
We can smile into the sunset  
And in sadness move along leaving  

Life on this planet  
And know we have seen it  
And know we have lived it every day.  


The Mermaid 

I never fished for you  
I never wished for you  
I never listened for you but I find  

You floated into me  
And you said things to me  
That accidentally flooded my mind.  

I thought that I had learned  
To keep from being turned  
Inside out and upside down  
By the misty mermaid who won't be drowned.  

Then you swam on from me  
And now you’ve gone from me  
I guess I'll always be falling behind. 



Call Me the Whale  
Tune: “The Greenland Whale Fisheries” 

Call me the whale for that’s what I am  
And that’s what I aim to be  
You may call yourselves the kings of the land  
But I am the king of the sea, brave boys  
Yes, I am the king of the sea. 

You came after me in your matchstick boats  
With your harpoons poised for the kill  
When I looked you in the eye I never saw you cry  
But I know that I gave you a chill, brave boys  
I know that I gave you a chill. 

But I didn’t ever mean you any harm, brave boys  
When I sent you to the bottom with my tail  
I only meant to show you that you should have been at home  
Instead of on the ocean chasing whales, brave boys  
Instead of on the ocean chasing whales. 

But you never got the message so more and more you came  
Till I ran out of places to hide  
When your boats got so big that I could not bring you down  
Then I knew you had turned the tide. brave boys  
I knew you had turned the tide.  

Now you hunt me down in your factory ships  
And you never even touch me with your hands  
In the morning I am playing with my babies in the waves  
In the afternoon I’m packed into your cans, brave boys  
In the afternoon I’m packed into your cans. 

You’ve gotten so efficient with your instruments of death  
That by now I’m barely alive  
But if you treat each other the way you’ve treated me  
I think I’m going to survive, brave boys  
Yes I think I’m going to survive.  


Trouble With Mama  

Trouble with Mama, Papa’s gone 
Another man in his chair  
Ain’t no use in going home  
Papa’s never there. 

See her at the frying pan cooking up some eggs  
For that other man who's looking at her legs.  


I ain’t about to stop her but it breaks my heart  
Seeing Mom and Papa so far apart. 


But I think I’ll try one more time in a week or two  
Climb the stairs and hope he’s there  
But my dream won’t come true, there’s still  


So I’ll stay where I am with my little Eve  
Love her the best I can until I have to leave. 



Traffic Jam in the Zócalo* 

Now me and Sam drove into town at the start of market day  
Everyone knew who we were but no one backed away  
I had five dollars in my pockets and fifty in my shoes  
The way the natives kissed my feet I knew I stood to lose. There’s 

A traffic jam in the Zócalo  
Way down south in Mexico  
It’s Uncle Sam on the lam  
A long way from Chicago.  

I began to hop from shop to shop till my arms were filled with loot  
I bought a set of dishes and a fancy cowboy suit  
Then I grabbed a hot tamale and headed for the square  
To find that human folly was making progress there. There was 


Camping cars from California and taxicabs from town  
And tourist busses filled with us all tried to run me down  
I dashed to the cathedral but much to my chagrin  
There was a hot rod Ford with a plastic Lord where the altar should have been. There’s  


I bought a picture postcard and retreated to the car  
Where I found the Holy Trio with Jesus on guitar  
He said "Something tells me you need a song to sing  
So here's a tune I wrote for you and it doesn't cost a thing:”  

And he sang:  
“Hay mucho trafico en el Zócalo  
En el sur se México  
Es Tio Sam viajando  
Lejos de Chicago.”  

Well I threw the man a peso and set out for the States  
But every time I’d hit a bump I’d break a few more plates  
My ten-gallon sombrero with the dingle balls hanging down blew out the window and my jumping beans jumped away  
But I brought back more than I bargained for since I heard that poor man say: There’s  


*The Zócalo is the central square in Mexican towns 


We Shall Stay Here  

This was an empty space until our love appeared  
Now that we found our place, found our place  
We shall stay here. 

If we can sing in tune even the stars may hear  
Sounds from a tiny room, tiny room  
We shall stay here.  

Out of the earth we sprang, I know  
Into the earth we'll go  

But till our voices break harmony hides our fear  
Under the love we make, love we make  
We shall stay here.  

She Came From Mississippi 

She came from Mississippi I know it sounds like  
Other songs you’ve heard before, it’s not the same  
She left her husband in a cabin came up to the city  
I was looking for her when she came.  

He followed close behind and now and then she needed him  
Underneath the towers it was hard to walk alone  
She set out to build a life in her own image  
He settled back in his Mississippi home.  

We are traveling through the world  
Looking for friends wherever we may be  
She found me.  

And I love to see her laughing face in front of me  
But when she has to cry I offer her my hand  
Like when the long-distance telephone is asking her  
“Is it better with another man?”  

“Oh no no no  
No no no no can’t you understand?  
Bicycles magazines factories tambourines  
Everybody does the best that they can.”  

We are traveling through the world  
Trying to be free and easy  
I'm glad she found me.  

She came from Mississippi I know it sounds like  
Other songs you've heard before, it's not the same.  


I'm Not Broke, Only Bent 

I’ve worked on the assembly line since 1962  
What else could a country boy in Motor City do  
Puttin’ parts in motorcars is just like plantin’ corn  
But a corn plant can’t be shut down like my plant was this morn, But  

I’m not broke, only bent  
And even though I’m feeling low and I haven’t got a cent  
I’m not broke, only bent  
And I’ll get straightened out some day  
And roll along the great highway  
Just like a brand new Chevrolet that’s never had a dent. 

They say we can’t compete with all the cars from overseas  
But I can build a car as well as any Japanese  
And I could have told them years ago if they had only asked  
Just take the big gas guzzlers and cut ’em all in half. 


I sure have had a lot of ups and downs throughout the years  
One thing they have taught me is how to shift my gears  
My motor is straining as I climb another hill  
It looks like I won’t make it but I promise you I will. ’Cause 



Polly Vaughn  
(traditional, arranged by Paul Kaplan) 

Come all you young fellows that carry a gun  
I’ll have you go home by the light of the sun  
For young Jimmy was a-fowling, a-fowling along 
When he shot his own true love in the room* of a swan. 

When first he went to her and found it was she  
He was shaking and trembling his eyes scarce could see  
“So now you are dead love and your sorrows are o’er  
Fare thee well my dear Polly, I shall see you no more.”  

Then home went young Jimmy with his dog and his gun  
Saying “Uncle, dear Uncle, have you heard what I've done?  
Cursèd be that old gunsmith who made me this gun  
For I've shot my own true love in the room of a swan.”  

Then out came bold Uncle with his locks hanging grey  
Saying “Jimmy, dear, Jimmy, don’t you run away  
Don’t you leave your own country till the trial comes on  
For you ne’er shall be hangèd for the crime you have done.”  

Then the trial came on and Pretty Polly appeared  
Saying “Uncle, dear Uncle, let Jimmy go clear  
For my apron was wrapped around me when he took me for a swan  
And his poor heart lay bleeding for Polly his own.”  




One of these days I’m gonna see the light  
And take my place in paradise  
One of these days I’m gonna make a stand  
And stake my claim in the promised land  
One of these days I’m gonna meet my maker  
I hear tell He's one hell of a shaker.  

I’m telling you once, telling you twice  
I’m heading for paradise.  

One of these days I’m gonna jump and shout  
And suddenly know what it's all about  
One of these days I’m gonna sit on the shore  
Walk on the water, float on the floor  

One of these days I’m gonna fall in love  
From the tip of my toes to the halo above.  


One of these days I’m gonna give a yell  
And pull myself from the gates of hell  
One of these days I’m gonna take a breath  
Say goodbye to the days of death  
I’ll face the rising sun  
All the way to kingdom come. 


One of these days I’m gonna hear the word  
And hit the dust like a gooney bird  
One of these days I’ll remember how  
I got to where I’m going now  
I’ll fill that day with laughter  
Split my sides till the morning after.  


One of these days I’m gonna see the light  
And take my place in paradise  
One of these days I’m gonna make a stand  
And stake my claim in the promised land  
One of these days I’m gonna meet my maker  
I hear tell She’s one hell of a shaker  
I’m telling you once, telling you twice  
Won’t you come on along  
You know it sure feels nice  
To be heading for paradise.  


Henry the Accountant  
Tune: “John Henry”  

Henry was an accountant  
He worked with a pencil in his hand  
If you had something you needed added up  
Then Henry the accountant was your man 
Henry the accountant was your man.  
I said Henry the accountant was your man Lord, Lord  
Henry the accountant was your man. 

When Henry was a little baby  
Sittin’ on his daddy’s knee  
He picked up a crayon and a little piece of paper  
He said “Two plus one equals three,” etc. 

Now the man who bought the first calculator  
He thought he was mighty fine  
He walked up to Henry with a sneer on his lip  
He said “Your job is gonna be mine.” 

So Henry stood up and drew his weapon  
He said “A man isn’t anything but a man  
We’ll have ourselves a race and I’ll put you in your place  
Or I’ll die with my pencil in my hand.” 

So each man grabbed a fifty-pound ledger 
And Henry went to work with all his might  
Though his hand was getting cramped and his shirt was getting damp  
Still he swore that he would not give up the fight. 

After three long hours in battle  
The man with the machine moved out ahead  
He had Henry beat till on the final sheet  
Suddenly his batteries went dead.  

So Henry beat that calculator  
Now his powers could never be denied  
But the terrible strain had been too much for his brain 
So he laid down his glasses and he died. 

So they buried Henry in the graveyard  
With his trusty pencil and his pad  
And when their checks don’t clear they always shed a tear  
For the last human being who could add.  


Round Again 

As the waves beat the driftwood of a stormy afternoon  
I hear the sea gulls crying and I hum a hollow tune  
A flower has fallen and a flower will bloom  
And I'll be round again, I’ll be round again. 

As a newlywed moves in and a widow passes by  
I dig myself a grave and I find a piece of sky  
The sun spills a tear from her dusty swollen eye  
And I’ll be round again, I'll be round again.  

As the doctor takes a pill and begins to fix the night  
The nurse takes my pulse and gives it back all right  
The screw takes a turn in the cork of my life  
And I’ll be round again, I’ll be round again.  

As the ocean rolls in rhythm to a song that never ends  
And the ink inches onward through the history of men  
I will write another line when I find another pen  
And I’ll be round again, I’ll be round again.